Meet the lovely CHEF MIROSLAVA MUÑOZ! Miroslava was born to Mexican immigrants from Mexico City, which is her biggest influence on her passion for cooking Mexican cuisine and cooking in general. It was by spending hours and hours in the kitchen, alongside her mother Gloria, that she learned, the many flavors of Mexico! She learned to only use fresh ingredients and make delicious meals from scratch! Her many trips to various parts of Mexico have only increased her love and passion for cooking.

Miroslava's specialties include traditional MEXICAN and ITALIAN CUISINE and HOMEMADE SALSAS. She has also created her own unique style of cooking by infusing a delicious mix of ingredients from both cultures. This has been described by many as the perfect balance of flavor and taste. Miroslava is very passionate about food & family and enjoys cooking for them any chance she gets. She has learned over the years to add Italian cuisine to her passion for cooking as well. This is in great part to her two children, Alyssa and Nick, sharing both cultures!

In addition to learning how to satisfy their appetite's for Italian and Mexican cuisine, her son, Nick, was born with many food allergies. This forced her to throw out all the not-so-healthy, processed and packaged foods and cook him meals with fresh and organic ingredients. Myrna greatly attributes her children and family for launching her into what would become a very exciting and rewarding career as a personal chef.
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